Editor Review – TruSelf Organics: Detoxifying Mask

We’re human, we all have those days when our skin feels less than great. Like our angel Alessandra Ambrosio, we believe in a good cleanser and the power of face masks. When your skin’s happy, YOU’RE happy- that’s why our ale by Alessandra team’s thrilled to have stumbled upon TruSelf Organics’ Detoxifying Facial Mask that that helps restore blemish-prone skin and even reducing discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles! Check out our editor’s experience with the mask below.

ale-by-alessandra-editor-review-truself-organics-01So convenient! The kit comes with measuring spoons, a cup for mix the solution and a spatula for an easy application.

ale-by-alessandra-editor-review-truself-organics-02ale-by-alessandra-editor-review-truself-organics-03Combine equal parts  natural clay powder mask and detox solution containing apple cider vinegar (or you can mix with water for a less intense detoxification.)

ale-by-alessandra-editor-review-truself-organics-04Mix solution together to form a thin, paste-like consistency.

ale-by-alessandra-editor-review-truself-organics-05Then apply an even layer to clean skin.  Let it dry 10-30 min and rinse off with warm water. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to leave on for a shorter amount of time.

The Experience: The cool texture of the mask felt refreshing and it applied with ease. While waiting for it to dry, I could feel the natural clay properties cleansing out my pores. Though it had an acidic scent due to the all natural apple cider vinegar solution, there was no stinging sensation whatsoever nor irritation. (Way to go, #nobadstuff!) As the mask dried, my skin gently tightened and the mask hardened. Then I proceeded to rinse it off with warm water once it was completely dry. Immediately, my face felt smoother and I noticed that my pores were smaller. I’m confident that with continuous use, this face mask will do wonders to improve the overall tone and health for anyone’s skin! It’s true what they say, healthy skin is achieved by what you put in your body and on your skin… always take time to #loveyourself. Try for yourself HERE!