Getaway: Uxua in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil


Dying to get away? We know just the spot for you! Our angel Alessandra Ambrosio recently spent a week at a beautiful getaway, UXUA Casa Hotel in Bahia, Brazil. It’s located in a little gem known as Trancoso which is famous for its white beaches and a majestic hilltop overlooking two rivers, woods, mangrove, and the sea (cue Ale’s #foreveronvacation mode). We love that Trancoso is one of the few places that still conserves its colonial tradition, giving us a peek inside Ale’s flamin’ Brazilian culture. Due to its isolation, it makes it the perfect vacation spot compared to the never-ending city noise in LA and NY.  Afterall, Trancoso was called the ‘world capital of tranquility’ by the hippies visiting in the 70’s. But you still need more convincing? Check out all the details below!

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-1Ale captioned “🌴☀️🌺 Home Sweet Home for the next few days @uxuacasa” on Instagram

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alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-2At the Quadrado (town square), here’s the  São João Batista church… Can you feel Ale and Anja sharing their love with you?

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-3This hammock at Uxua – Trust us, WE KNOW. We could just lay in one of those all day long, too.

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-4Known as “Quartz Pool” because it’s embedded with 40,000 shimmering green aventurine-quartz pebbles! Its waters are also said to have therapeutic properties.

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-5Ale spotted in the Copper Canyon Tunic.

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-6Rustic elements blended with contemporary comfort. Will that sofa ever stop calling us?!

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-7So utterly peaceful and relaxing…

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-8A beautiful family dinner.

alessandra-ambrosio-uxua-trancoso-brazil-9The angel family horseback riding on the beach. Can you think of a better end to a perfect week?

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